PSP Phone: Opposing Views from Smart Phone Fans

The announcement of the PSP Phone is almost surprisingly making the smart phone industry pretty excited. This is odd, because despite the fact that the handset is being rumored as an Android device and will have a touch screen display, the fact remains that this is a gaming handheld with phone capabilities –not a gaming-centric mobile phone.

Unlike the Apple iPhone or the HTC Desire, the PSP Phone is a modified PSP device. This means that above all else, it is a gaming handheld first and a smart phone second. In fact, the only thing that the gaming industry can look forward to with this device is the fact that it will consolidate two gadgets into a single device –which is quite convenient to carry around, but at the same time, raises concerns about text messages, emails and voice calls cutting into gaming time.

That can be most inopportune at times; after all, one can ignore the discreet hum of a mobile phone when playing through a climactic battle, the same cannot be said about a sudden text message breaking you timing of a critical special combo in a boss fight.

Another major difference in opinion is the fact that smart phone users want more casual games –which is practically not the direction that Sony wants to go for. While instant playability is a good feature, the PSP Phone (or Sony Playstation Phone, depending on who you believe) is more than silly app games. The system will need to have hardcore RPG titles, high impact action games and of course, the tight combat feel of serious fighting games.

The bottom line here, no casual gamer with a smart phone will switch to a PSP (they are better off investing in a tablet). After all, the price of a PSP phone will not be cheap making it something that specifically targets gamers. So the next time someone states that the PSP needs titles that are like Angry Birds, they can stick to their vanilla smart phones instead.

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