Now Available: Optimus One, Tradesman and C6-01

Three new phones are now out on store shelves today, and users have a pretty good selection of handsets to choose from: the Nokia C6-01 brings in a mid range Symbian^3 smart phone –perfect for those who like to be different. An Android smart phone with all the right trimmings with LG’s Optimus One and lastly, the perfect handset for people whose lifestyles are far too active for regular mobile phones to survive: the JCB Toughphone Tradesman.

It may be low end on the hardware spectrum, but the JCB Tradesman is hardly your ordinary phone either. Hikers, outdoorsmen, and even emergency field operatives rarely have time to post content on Twitter or watch the latest video uploaded by friends on Facebook, and this is why the Tradesman does not support those. Instead, it focuses on a few simple things: namely surviving the torture that would otherwise kill all other fragile touch screen smart phones.

The Tradesman is able to withstand extreme forces, temperatures and even water submersion –by actually floating. The device will survive and function when completely submerged, but the ideal thing is that it actually floats when there is enough water. This is perfect for those who spend lots of time around large pools of water.

LG’s Optimus One has just hit the stores and from the looks of it, this mini-Android smart phone is a great match for those who want a no-nonsense Android smart phone experience. The only thing missing from this handset would be a small slide out or flip out keyboard, but overall, it is a highly recommended Android phone.

Last on the list is Nokia’s C6-01 handset. The device is packing a powerful 8 mega pixel camera and will support HD playback and recording as well. Aside from having a very impressive camera, the phone also packs an AMOLED touch screen display.

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