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Samsung has announced that it will be launching the dual screen smart phone: Continuum this coming November 8. The official announcement from the Korean phone maker official disproves all the rumors about the Google Nexus Two –aside from that, official spokespersons from the manufacturer have directly stated that there is no Google branded device coming from the company.

This is not all that surprising; after all, it was originally Google who announced that there would be no Nexus Two –at least not anytime soon. After all, the point of the Nexus series is to serve as the benchmark and milestone for the next generation of Android handsets –pushing a new standard so soon would be counter-productive.

In any case, this is still pretty exciting news, even for those in the UK. While the Continuum is said to be an exclusive device made for US carrier Verizon, the same can be said for the Motorola Droid and the HTC Aria. Both of the two handsets are now locally available in the UK, though they have gone through a quick name change.

Moving on to more Samsung news, the P1000 Galaxy Tab is now officially on store shelves and we highly suggest for those interested in buying the device to go for a good data plan –especially if you are on the go. For those who plan to leave this tablet behind at home, the WiFi access is more than enough.

Despite being a 7 inch device –much smaller than the Apple iPad, Samsung’s tablet has a pretty hefty price tag –sometimes hitting even over the 500GBP mark. Best save up your budget if this is the tablet you are planning to get.

Lastly, the reports are in and it appears that Google’s Android OS market has grown to more than ten times the original value. In the US market alone, the Android holds almost half of the smart phone industry. Expect to see similar results in the UK.

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