New Android Tablet and More Tough Phones Headed Our Way

JCB has announced that four new handsets are already heading to store shelves pretty soon. The handsets have been developed in cooperation with Data Select and are all tough phones –meaning these handsets have been designed to withstand elements and environments that are not the place for typical mobile devices.

The need for tough phones have always been around and while one might think that they tend to be occupational devices –such as best made for field medics, firemen, law enforcement officers and similar lines of work, it is actually surprising to know that it will not even take a short hike to even find use for these phones.

Every single day, phones are dropped from the edges of coffee tables, spilled on with glasses of soda, rained on, bumped inside bags, and more. These are often more than enough to put certain devices out of commission –and not just the super delicate touch screen smart phones too. Even the most basic 2G candy bar handset has sensitive parts that are unable to withstand such factors.

Priced at 69.99 Pounds onwards, the JCB tough phones are expected to fill in that basic need for an all around phone. One has already been described as made for water –as in the phone floats. Aside from its water resistant features, the handset is also quite buoyant –which means less danger of being submerged (which is dangerous even for water proof handsets).

In other news, Creative Labs has just announced the ZiiO touch screen tablet. This new handheld device will be available in 7 inch and 10 inch display variations and is confirmed to be running the Android operating system. The devices will also have variations in the internal memory space so expect to see a lot of options with these. Aside from running Android 2.1 Éclair, the ZiiO is confirmed to have support for Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS as well.

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