More Playstation Portable Phone Rumors Shake Up Game Industry

The Playstation Portable Phone, this is not a smart phone: this is a gaming device with voice call, SMS and 3G functionality. Or at least, that is what has been detailed out in the latest rumors about the device.

There will certainly be two differing schools of thought with the device, as it will be seemingly handled by Sony Ericsson and Sony Computer Games Entertainment. Naturally, phone fans would want SE to have a larger influence on the device while gamers would prefer SCE to take charge of the new gadget. So far, no official statement has been given regarding who will actually be creating the final designs for the device.

At the very least, it has been directly hinted by Masaru Kato, current CFO of Sony Japan and Peter Dille from Sony Computer Entertainment America. It will certainly be a while before we actually get the see the new device or have an idea of whether the PSP2 and the PSP Phone are actually a single gadget or two different devices.

For the most part, it is believed that there will be a single portable gaming handset to be released by Sony next year and it will have the Playstation brand as well as smart phone capabilities. It has also been said that the Android operating system will be used with a new custom user interface called the Z-system.

So far, current “leaked” screenshots of the hardware are hinting at the use of a new touch pad as opposed to the traditional analog stick that is used by the PSP –this goes in the direct opposite direction that gamers have wanted to see: dual analog sticks on the PSP. While general gadget users may not see the difference, there is a significant level of performance that one can only get from an analog stick that cannot be matched by a touch pad.

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