Mobile Tech News: this Week’s Highlights

If you have always been complaining about the lack of internet access when riding the tube (which is pretty common if you do not store plenty of good media or app content on your mobile), then a quick stop over at Charing Cross might change your mind. For the next six months, authorities will be studying, analyzing and testing the feasibility of having WiFi access available to Tube passengers.

With the 2012 Olympics moving all the more closer, it is likely that Boris Johnson (current mayor of London) would be able to convince network operators and the rest of the mobile industry to get their acts together into bringing most of the city online. In the meanwhile, the test at Charing Cross will be an important factor in the implementation of the city wide warless network.

In the meanwhile, mobile phone manufacturers can look forward to the progress of École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in the development of a better battery that makes use of nanotechnology. The Swiss electronics company aims to change the way energy is used by today’s modern gadgets –and hopefully push the world industry towards a greener future. Of course, all of this energy efficient technology is also making manufacturers eager to see if they can bring in more hardware power with the next generation of energy storage parts. Hopefully, the new nano-technology batteries will be out in time.

Apple and Gemalto are currently working on new SIM card technology that directly registers a single SIM to a single user. This card will be useable with any network –which is bound to make it unpopular to many SIM free users and of course, network operators that push for exclusivity deals on mobile devices. While this technology is significant, it also pushes big brother envelope by forcing users to stick to a single SIM card.

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