Mobile News: HTC OS, WP7 Push and More

Rumors about a new mobile platform are spreading around. According to various reports, the new OS is going to be developed by none other than Taiwan based phone maker HTC. Considering the state of the mobile phone industry, this is not going to be a surprising move. In fact, if HTC pushes through with this plan, it will certainly not be the first.

Korean phone maker Samsung has proven to the world that it is possible to support other mobile platforms while developing one’s own proprietary system. Samsung’s Omnia series concentrates on the Windows Phone 7 OS while the Galaxy series are comprised of Android smart phones. Their Bada OS is used in the Samsung Wave series. All together, these three series make up the main lineup of Samsung’s smart phone offerings.

HTC can do the same if they decide to come out with an operating system of their own. With the HTC Sense proving that the company can design a great user interface, coming up with a good platform to run it on (outside of the Android) is pretty much within their capabilities.

In other news, Microsoft is going to go all out with the promotion of the Windows Phone 7 mobile platform. It has been announced that the Bing search engine and the Xbox Live network will be used extensively in order to promote the new OS to everyone. Microsoft currently has to take charge and control as much of the gaming industry market as they could before Sony can produce the rumored PSP Phone –something that could literally take the WP7’s XBL market and bring them over to the Android.

Also, Opera has announced that the latest version of their mobile browser, version 10.1, is now available for Symbian devices. They have finished testing the beta version and the currently available browser download would provide users with the final product.

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