Mobile News Bits: Today’s Big Headlines

Sony Ericsson is launching the XPERIA X12 and the official spec sheet is out. The touch screen smart phone will come with a 4.3 inch display, a 12 mega pixel camera, HD video recording and playback, an HDMI port, an 800MHz CPU and the Android 2.2 Froyo operating system.

Google has confirmed that they are finished working on the Google Docs browser app and it is now available for mobile users. The new version is said to be able to run smoothly on a wide variety of platforms but is definitely going to be compatible with Android and iOS devices. Those using other mobile OS might want to try it out for a bit as well.

Nokia and Symbian may not be making much in terms of overall hardware sales, but the Ovi store is one of the strongest in the industry. According to recent reports, the Ovi Store is getting about 3 million downloads each day –that is a massive volume that the iTunes network would be pressed to compete with on a daily basis.

HTC’s Sense web service is confirmed to be heading straight for the original HTC Desire. While this is a little unexpected, it is most certainly welcome. The cloud based service allows users to store content in the cloud storage as well as make use of the special remote access capabilities that the Sense provide. This is most useful as a remote access tool for security purposes as well.

Lastly, it seems that Qualcomm is on the cusp of changing the mobile phone industry once again with better, faster CPU. The next generation Snapdragon is going to pack a dual core CPU and will be five times faster than the previous model. What is most impressive here is not the speed and processing power however, but with the fact that energy consumption is even lower than before. According to initial reports, the new CPU will only require about 75% of its original power needs.

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