Mobile Headlines: Android and WP7 in Focus

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 was launched just recently and as such, there are issues and problems that need to be addressed –which is always the case with most new operating systems that launch.

However, as much as we would like to say that problems are normal, the current issue for most WP7 owners is jarring: the microSD card used in the device cannot be easily replaced without risking the loss of important data. While some might say that simply taking out the card and making a backup is a good idea; that is where the second problem lies: the card will be formatted in a unique way that renders it directly unreadable –even by the Microsoft run Windows desktop OS.

In short, those who are used to hot swapping SD cards will now be stuck with just one –so better be sure to insert a high capacity card the first time you use it.

In better WP7 news, it has been confirmed that sat nav assistance will now be provided to users via the device’s own maps feature. So far, no specific date on the GPS launch has been given.

HTC has confirmed two things just this week. First off, the Legend will indeed be getting an update and Vodafone users get first dibs over all other Legend users under other operators. According to the latest reports, the update is already online and ready to download.

HTC has also confirmed that it will be venturing to the business market with possibly a new device. While the Taiwan based manufacturer has previously concentrated on devices for the general public, a new wave of phones has been made to cater specifically to the messaging based and high security world of the business market.

Lastly, retailer Dixons has announced that the Android tablet, Toshiba Folio, will no longer be available unless an issue with the device has been fixed.

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