iPad 2 Rumors Circulating

It is pretty much an accepted notion that Apple is slowly losing its foothold in the tablet industry. Slowly, but far too fast for the Cupertino based company. While they have had a pretty strong start with the launch of the iPad –being the first commercial tablet available, the sudden arrival of so many other tablet devices running the rival OS, Google Android, has left iPad users wondering if they should shift devices.

There are plenty of reasons to give up the iPad. Despite the larger screen size, the 9.7 inch screen has proved vastly inferior to the 7 inch touch screen of newer devices (such as the Galaxy Tab from Samsung). The reason for this is sheer ergonomics, while the visual quality of the screens did not vary as much, the weight did. Since tablets are mostly used for browsing and reading, the act of holding up the device for long periods of time has made the larger iPad harder to handle. Of course, the lack of many features such as USB support, a camera and even Flash support has led to many wondering if the iPad is even worth the expensive price tag.

Rumors that a new iPad is in the works have been spreading online in the past couple of days and looking at the content, one cannot help if they are musing of disappointed Apple iPad owners. The new features include video phone capabilities, USB support and larger storage space. So far, no official word from Apple has been given about the iPad 2 making most of the current information as unconfirmed rumors.

BlackBerry’s Playbook is about to be launched soon, and the Galaxy Tab is already making strong sales (which will certainly increase one the price slash gets in); in most aspects, the original iPad will not be able to compete with the Android tablets (even when the iPad is subsidized later on)

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