iPad 2 Launch Date Rumoured

Tablet fans have something new to be excited about: the launch of the iPad 2. And while knowing the release date is certainly exciting, there is very little else that is known about the new tablet device from the Cupertino based company aside from the fact that it will come out on February 2011.

The original iPad pretty much set the basic standards for the tablet experience, but even that has been surpassed in the past couple of weeks as the Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab came out and showed the industry how much they were missing out with the iOS’ lack of Flash support. This mean that all Flash related content online would be blocked by an image placeholder.

Even stronger is the argument that a Flash player application for the iPad managed to sell over a million in just a single weekend –even iPad owners have announced that they too want to get Flash support as well.

That is quite unlikely to change however. Even the iPad 2 will almost definitely not support the web format either. With Steve Jobs ever stubborn about sticking with the “no-to-Flash” campaign, this will be the official stand that Apple will have on the format for a long time to come.

If the iOS is not your thing and the Google Android just will not fit your style, then you might want to consider trying out the RIM made BlackBerry Playbook. The device is to be launched March of next year –just a little after the iPad 2 launch date.

The PlayBook uses a modified version of the BlackBerry OS 6 called the QNX, from what we have seen so far, this looks like a stylized OS 6 with even more focus on the touch based controls. Media playback and web browsing will be very important features on this device though the lack of a physical keyboard accessory is really throwing us for a loop since that is a specialty for RIM.

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