Apple Surpasses RIM in Global Rankings

A recent study has shown that Apple has now ranked in at fourth place in terms of the top five mobile phone manufacturers for 2010. Currently, the top spot is still heavily dominated by Nokia, followed by Korean phone maker Samsung at second, and LG struggling with third.

RIM originally held the fourth spot before it was pushed down by Apple’s continuous climb to the top. As impressive as Apple’s feats may be, experts predict that the Cupertino based company can only go up so high. The solid position of the Android operating system is certain to keep Samsung and LG pretty much on top of the game with the Galaxy and Optimus series of handsets concentrating on Google’s open source mobile platform.

At the same time, the launch of Windows Phone 7 is certain to take away a huge chunk of the Apple iPhone’s consumer market share. This means that more people will be shifting over to other phone maker such as the above mentioned Samsung and LG (this time with the Omnia series for Samsung and still the Optimus for LG). HTC, Motorola and Sony Ericsson are also gaining plenty of ground thanks to the other operating systems.

Meanwhile, Nokia’s position on top spot is being threatened by the lack of support and interest for the Symbian mobile platform. With the MeeGo OS set to launch next year, plenty of hopes and expectations are being placed on the Nokia-Intel mobile platform.

Speaking of Sony Ericsson, the Japanese Swedish joint venture has slowly lost grasp of its original spot of third place as Samsung, RIM and Apple slowly pushed it down to the number six spot. With the rumored release of a PSP Phone device next year, SE stands to gain not only a chunk of the smart phone market, but also a significant share of the smart phone users in the gaming market as well.

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