Apple iAds in the UK, White Conversion Mods on Sale

Unofficially, the white Apple iPhone 4 is now technically available. A young Asian-American entrepreneur has been able to acquire the official front and back white casings for the high end touch screen smart phone and is selling the front and back panels.

Those who cannot wait until the official release of the iPhone 4 (and have plenty of confidence in their dexterity and skill in prying open the handset’s front and back panels) should have no problems with the conversion mod. Since the parts are officially from Foxconn (and are also legally acquired) the end product will definitely be the same –provided that Apple decides not to change a single thing about the hardware.

As some of you may recall, the iPhone 4 has a serious problem with the antenna on the device (along with several other issues) and many are hoping that when the white version of the handset finally gets released, these problems would have already been fixed. In fact, it has been hinted before that the white version would feature solutions to the problems of the original.

While no major actions have been taken to stop the selling of the white iPhone panels, it is also reported that Apple has already sent legal letters telling the site to stop selling the product.

In other Apple news, the iAds system will finally be introduced in the UK. While not everyone likes ads, the fact that downloadable content is sponsored means that end users will get more content for a slightly lower price. Of course, the additional bandwidth that the system takes up is not noticeable unless the connection is really slow or unstable.

Several major companies have already signed up for the service including Louis Vuitton and Unilever. According to sources, iAds will be available in the UK starting this coming December.

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