Apple Gets Headphones, Carphone Warehouse Launches Phones

In a very interesting move, Apple has confirmed that they have acquired Bluetooth handset manufacturer, Wi-Gear.

The company acquisition is just one of the many moves that Apple has been pursuing in the past few months. Earlier, the Cupertino based industry leader took in a company that focuses on near field communications technology. And while the technology has not been implemented in any of Apple’s new devices, many believe that it will be applied in later models.

The acquisition of Wi-Gear however has shown different results. Bluetooth headsets after all, are a very crucial and integral part of modern smart phone accessory kits and the iPhone has needed a few good ones. Apple’s decision to get Wi-Gear has brought hope that impressive, official ones will be made available before the end of the holidays.

In other mobile news, Carphone Warehouse is offering two new devices in their smart phone lineup.

While Apple’s decision to seemingly cancel the white iPhone may have disappointed many people (so far, no official statement contradicts this, though it is only a perceived fact from the fact that the device is no longer visible on the official online site), Samsung has delivered on its promise of a white variant for the i9000 Galaxy S. Carphone Warehouse is exclusively selling the handset.

For those unfamiliar with the stats for the Galaxy S, this Android smart phone is packed with a 5 mega pixel camera and Android 2.1 Éclair. The screen is an impressive 4 inch super AMOLED capacitive touch display and the processor is clocked at a pretty high speed 1GHz.

CW’s other handset offering is the toughest Android (and smart phone) in the market, the Motorola Defy. Completely dust proof and offers a few layers of protection against water and shock, this mobile phone boasts of Gorilla Glass and shock absorbent material.

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