A Closer Look at the iOS 4.2 Update

The new iOS update is officially out (after several weeks of waiting and a few delays slowing it down) and here is the quick summary of everything that users can look forward to.

First off, be aware that this update is primarily targeting iPad users over those who only have an iPhone or an iPod Touch. Apple has made no specific comment regarding this matter, but apparently, it seems that recent statements saying that the iPad is nothing but an oversized iPod Touch has needed some amending from the Cupertino based company. In any case, expect that most of these new features are only good for the touch screen tablet.

The iPad will now have multitasking features thanks to the OS update. This feature is pretty much the same as the one in the iPhone 4. This means that this is actually pseudo multi-tasking; given how Apple tends to cut features short, this is already more than what we can hope for when it comes to getting features that are actually practical.

Another important iPhone 4 feature that got implemented with the iOS 4.0 update is the use of folders. As to why it was not part of the features brought over initially to the iPad, we have no idea. But it is finally here now and it will spare users that endless stream of icons as users tend to fill up their menus with an overload of apps.

The consolidated inbox of the iPhone 4 also makes an appearance here as well. This is particularly useful for folks who happen to have multiple email accounts and would like to have all incoming mail sent to a single viewing area.

Of course, the update also brings features for other devices as well, the MobileMe remote access service is now free, AirPrint and AirPlay are now available, and the iPhone gets customized message alert tones per contact.

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