WP7: Needs More Developer Support

It is a pretty well-known fact that months prior to the launch of the Windows Phone 7, app developers have already been given SDK’s for the upcoming mobile platform. Considering how important apps can be to a smart phone, this is very crucial part of the WP7’s change to take the lead in the industry.

In terms of game applications, Microsoft has little to worry about as the Xbox Live Games service instantly lets people choose, invite and even refer to new titles. The big addition of in game achievements that are reflected on the device’s XBL Account page where details on the owner’s personal profile can be found is a major highlight –providing bragging rights for many players and their peers.

As for other applications, Microsoft needs to bring in the market of phone owners that actually purchase content online if they want to beat the Apple iTunes in terms of application sales. The Zune Marketplace has a long way to go, but with so many new devices and the WP7 having just come out, it would be much too early for major profits to start coming in.

In the meanwhile, Steve Ballmer and his crew are pretty excited as the first WP7 devices are now available through pre-order and various methods on several UK based network operators. It is expected that the volume of WP7 devices that are shipped out by 2011 is already at 30 million units.

Microsoft’s competitors are not slouches either. The Android OS is growing to a vast range, and Apple already has an established user base. Growth can be expected with the BlackBerry OS, Samsung’s Bada and the upcoming MeeGo OS.

In other WP7 related news, it has been announced that the system will be getting updates for Adobe Flash player support in order for the WP7 browser to easily see web content.

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