Windows Phone 7: Quick Primer and XBL Gaming

Are you itching for a Windows Phone 7 handset? With all the tech demonstrations and details about the OS and the various phones already available, it is all a matter of finding one combination that fits your needs best: hardware features, phone design and of course, network operator.

But for those who have no idea what’s new in WP7, here’s a quick brief.

The new OS from Microsoft concentrates on social networking and multimedia just as the older WinMo focused on business features. There is now plenty of emphasis on using the contact page as a way to determine tasks and actions on the phone. The user interface is also completely new, relying heavily on touch based controls, gestures and the use of dynamic transitions to smoothly move from one menu to another (Silverlight support has been added to bring in more stylish menus).

WP7 features support for Xbox Live Games services (which is exceptionally good of multiplayer games), Zune media playback, Bing search and the new MSN player.

Of course, the Xbox Love Games features also relies on having a good set of games –and games require good developers. That is why it is a big thing that EA mobile is heavily supporting the launch of WP7 with several impressive titles.

Need for Speed Undercover is being ported over to mobile form. While the tightness of controls is no longer as good as it used to be, the high speed chases are still pretty much intact, providing users with hours of thrilling chases.

The Sims mobile will also be available, placing users in control of a virtual person and determining day to day actions –it is pretty much like having a pet human. Expect to be surprised at the massive number of hours with this deceptively addictive game.

For those who prefer their gaming sessions to be even more casual, Monopoly and Tetris are also available from EA.

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