Windows Phone 7: Manufacturer Updates

Sony Ericsson’s name has been mentioned a lot when it comes to announcing the list of confirmed manufacturers of Windows Phone 7 handsets. And while the Japanese-Swedish joint venture has yet to confirm what kind of handset they will be making, it has at least been directly specified that they are indeed working on a new phone.

The device is specified to be a WP7 handset and while no details has been revealed, we can at least be sure that Sony Ericsson will certainly be conforming to the pre-specified hardware requirements by Microsoft. With the previous issues of the XPERIA X1 and X2 handsets with the older Windows Mobile OS, it is good to see that SE plans to take on a Microsoft mobile platform once again.

For now, full details on Sony Ericsson’s WP7 handset are still tightly under wraps. Many are hoping that some image leaks on the device would pop out in the next few days.

Korean phone maker Samsung has also announced that with multiple Windows Phone 7 handsets currently under development, they have plenty of new devices to offer in the coming months.

While the company has had plenty of success with the Android operating system in the earlier half of 2010 –as the Galaxy series of smart phones has been very successful, especially the Galaxy S i9000. Samsung is not planning on exclusively sticking to the Android alone. They also have their own proprietary Bada operating system and of course, the upcoming Windows Phone 7.

From their announcement that the WP7 will become a ‘key component of the Samsung portfolio’, it is likely that the previously announced Cetus is only the first in a lineup of WP7 devices –much like the Galaxy series.

Windows Phone 7 devices are scheduled to hit store shelves by the 21st of October, with only a few more weeks to go, it seems that phone makers are all set to come out with new devices.


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