Why Nokia Should Have Released the N8 Earlier

It has been stated early on, the Nokia N8 smart phone will be the only Symbian^3 operating system to be released for the N-series of mobile handsets.

For many years, the N-series has been the flag bearing lineup for Nokia. The Finnish manufacturer may earn a vast majority of its’ profits from their less renowned, yet widely distributed lower end handsets, but they are also making plenty of waves with their high end mobile phones.

The Nokia N8 would have been a special device in the lineup, providing a prelude to the MeeGo OS that Nokia was developing with Intel and also as a stepping stone to the Symbian^4 platform that is already in production. However, instead of being released on time, the Nokia N8 ended up getting delayed. The device is so delayed that many believe that this is the first high end handset that been pushed back for so many times. In that regard we find it hard to disagree.

Now, the Nokia N8 is already getting shipped, but this is already the end of September. The Nokia N9, which was supposed to be released with plenty of time after the N8, is already due to be out on December –and people are already aware of that fact. Also, the phone could not have been released at a more inopportune time; the slated launch of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS is set this coming October.

While it can be argued that the N8 would have also faced serious competition from Android devices last April and in the couple of months that followed, it was still a pretty hefty niche handset. The 12 mega pixel camera and mini HDMI output port singles the device out as a media phone –something that would have made a big difference in sales months ago.


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