Themes of the Week: Lawsuits, Team Ups, Axing

Such is the mobile phone industry lately, with the number of phone makers in the field and the millions of phone users in the market; it is natural for the industry to get pretty vicious.

But just how vicious is the mobile phone industry? Various companies are suing and counter suing each other for patent infringements and other lawsuits. Just recently, Motorola has taken a quick hit from Microsoft which has slapped a lawsuit against them regarding the some Android based features used in their phones.

This is certainly not the first lawsuit of the year, but it is certainly the first one that does not significantly involve Apple –whose primary course of action in any situation is to send in their entire legal wing to intervene.

But aside from companies baring fangs at each other, there are also those that develop close partnerships –like HTC and Google, who are now considered to be industry partners. Microsoft has recently been reported as being in talks with Adobe. This means that the upcoming Windows Phone 7 OS will definitely be ready by its October launch and as expected the support for Adobe’s Flash format will be available in the first OS update for WP7.

Adobe’s close relationship to both Microsoft and Google will mean that the Flash format will be available on both Android and Microsoft devices –leaving behind the Apple iOS which can only support HTML5 (a feature that will also be available in other OS).

In other news, Research in Motion has confirmed that the BlackBerry Storm 3 will no longer be released. The device was originally meant to launch in the US first, directly under Verizon and before RIM brings it to the UK under Vodafone. But with the device now scrapped and sent back to the drawing table, we will have to get our next BlackBerry fix elsewhere.

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