The Next Step: iPhone 5 Rumors

With the antennagate issue now long past behind us, Apple is quietly trying to regain lost ground on their iPhone 4.

Despite the fact that the device has sold several millions in just a short span of time, one cannot deny the fact that the antenna issue was a costly problem for Apple and in being able to properly market the iPhone 4. Because of this, the company is now moving onwards.

While many speculated that something new might happen this October for Apple, it appears that the Cupertino based company is still back at the drawing board, cooking up some new fangled technology.

The October announcement that the iPhone 4 free cases will cease distribution by the end of September made it seem like Apple would have a different solution (or phone by then), right now, it seems pretty obvious that they simply have grown tired of giving out the bumpers for free.

But there are rumors about the next iPhone, or as we would call it, the iPhone 5; and judging from all the content floating around on the net, here is a quick picture of how the final product might be like.

First off, the next iPhone will not be introducing game changing features. The fact is, it is just too early, and no new technology has been developed that would make the cut for such a title. At best, the new phone will simply improve on all the issues of the previous devices –this means no more antenna problems for the next device.

Oddly enough, rumors still say that the device might be using the Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU. At 1GHz, this is already fast, but since it has already been announced that dual core versions of the CPU are in the works, it might be possible that we might just get a very high speed iPhone in the future.

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