The Best Handset Deals at a Glance

Depending on which network provider you prefer there’s a wide range of handset to choose from. But there are just some combinations that get pretty hard to beat. Combining smart phone features, a great mobile platform and a provider that compliments the handset may seem like a tricky bit of work, so we have taken all the guesswork out of the equation to provide you with our top picks for tariff plans.

When it comes to the upcoming handsets, Samsung always manages to come up with very exciting offerings. With the Windows Phone 7 mobile platform coming in the next few days, their smart phone offering serves as one of the most compelling tech treats: the Omnia 7.

Naturally, what makes this phone stand out is the super AMOLED capacitive touch screen technology that was first seen with the Wave and later, with the Galaxy S. The resolution and quality of the 4 inch display rivals that of Apple’s retina technology –at a much lower price. Grab the Samsung Omnia 7 handset when it comes out at 25 GBP per month for two years under T-Mobile UK.

But if the upcoming Windows Phone 7 is not your thing and something familiar might be more suitable, then nothing would beat a great Android smart phone –and in that end, we have a couple of great choices.

Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA X10 and the HTC Desire are among the top picks for Android smart phones this time around. The X10 may seem a little underpowered with the lack of a 2.2 update. But at least it already runs on the 2.1 Éclair (it originally came out with 1.6 Donut). Grab the X10 under Orange Mobile for 27.50 GBP.

The HTC Desire comes out at a great 35 GBP deal under MVNO 3 UK. This iconic Android brings a 3.7 inch AMOLED touch screen with plenty of great media capabilities.

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