Smart Phones and Newspapers, and Motorola’s New Phones

It seems that news publishing companies are taking in the effects of better wireless technology with both good and bad implications.

The wider scope of smart phones has greatly increased the number of people who read the online versions of newspapers –thereby allowing many news companies to expand their website further and offer even more content.

However, this also means that the printed versions of the newspaper are also getting less attention and less circulation. While this is a good trend for the environment, many feel that the loss of such a medium would be a serious waste. This is among the many findings of a study held by Orange UK in order to study the various usage patterns of smart phone users locally.

Moving on, phone manufacturer Motorola is certainly seeing gold when it comes to Android smart phones. Following the major success of the Milestone and the large positive feedback they have gained from the Milestone XT720 and the Milestone 2, they are now looking towards making even more handsets that use the Android OS.

Three new devices have been added to Motorola’s upcoming list: the Spice, Bravo and the Flipside.

The Bravo (which is the original name for the HTC Desire) is a basic touch screen handset with a wide 3.7 inch touch screen display. More interesting are the Spice and Flipside handsets –which seem to follow Motorola’s trend of making devices with unique form factors.

The Flipside’s actual quirk is not yet known, all that has been revealed in images is that the phone has what appears to be a slide out QWERTY keyboard. Many believe that the device does not have a slider, but a hinge.

As for the Motorola Spice, the device follows the traditional portrait oriented QWERTY look seen in most BlackBerry devices, but the keyboard is actually a slider that can be hidden behind the screen.

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