Samsung Wave II, BlackBerry Pearl 3G and Palm Pre 2

Even with all the new updates regarding the upcoming Windows Phone 7 handsets (the new Microsoft OS was just launched a day ago), smart phone manufacturers Samsung, RIM and HP are still up for pushing through with their own proprietary operating systems.

Samsung’s Bada OS has hit the one million mark just a few weeks back showing that the world still has room for yet another open source mobile platform. This success has led to the development of the Wave 2 and Wave 2 Pro smart phones –successors to the original Samsung Wave. The two phones are actually hardware downgrades meant to bring to expand the market range of the Bada OS to a lower tech bracket.

The Wave II on the other hand (mind the roman ordinal number as a specific designation) is a true successor to the original Samsung Wave as the II is actually a major hardware upgrade. The big question now is whether the new super LCD technology is actually going to be able to match the quality of the super AMOLED screen. As shown with the HTC Desire, SLCDs are good enough to replace standard AMOLED screens, but as for Samsung’s very own super AMOLED, that comparison has yet to be seen.

MVNO Virgin Media UK has confirmed that they will be offering Research in Motion’s BlackBerry Pearl 3G to their subscribers. There are a wide variety of 2 year contracts under Virgin that would get the phone for free. The only thing missing from Virgin Media is a ‘pay as you go’ deal, but T-Mobile UK has it.

It may have seemed like the Palm Pre 2 would have gotten canceled with the closing of Palm, but the HP buyout has led to a continuation of development. HP has released an online teaser about the Palm Pre 2 –confirming that the phone is still in the works though no launch date has been given. It is being stated that the device has since been upgraded from its initial specs.

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