Samsung: Getting Stronger Every Day

Korean manufacturing giant Samsung has some of the best technologies when it comes to mobile phones, and between the super AMOLED touch screen technology and their own line of 1GHz CPUs, it is no wonder that Samsung’s high end mobile phones are some of the most in demand devices in the industry.

Taking theory into actuality, Samsung has announced that the i9000 Galaxy S Android smart phone has reached up to 5 million units in sales. That is plenty of great profit for the manufacturer, but more importantly, it is a testament to how great the Galaxy S is as a smart phone.

The device packs a 3.7 inch super AMOLED touch screen display –the first use of the S-AMOLED technology on a non-Bada device after it was originally introduced in the Samsung Wave handset. This screen technology is so impressive that it actually manages to match up to Apple’s Retina technology –and according to various sources, the S-AMOLED screen is cheaper and easier to produce. On a side note, Samsung and HTC are delving super LCD technology as an alternative to S-AMOLED screens. The device also packs a 5 mega pixel camera and a 1GHz CPU placing the handset pretty much well within the high end range.

By all accounts, the Galaxy S was designed to be a rival to the Apple iPhone –which is probably why it did so well in sales –the device was designed from the ground up to be one of the best in the market.

In other Samsung news, specs and details of the i5510 Galaxy 551 handset have been officially announced. The handset will be featuring a much desired physical slide out QWERTY keyboard. The Samsung Omnia 7 i8700 handset has also been revealed along with a leaked video of the device the showcasing the new Windows Phone 7 OS running on the smart phone.

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