Samsung Galaxy Tab Confirmed for November Launch

It seems that the Galaxy Tab’s official launch date has finally been confirmed. Plenty of time has passed since we first got a glimpse of the massive 7 inch Android gadget back in Korea and now, the time has come to finally announce the tablet’s official UK launch date: November 1.

So far, Samsung has not yet detailed if there will indeed be a launch event, but those who are planning to get a touch screen tablet might want to consider freeing up that day in order to get in line.

While Google has specifically stated that the Android operating system has not been designed with tablet devices in mind, many manufacturers have seen the potential of an Android tablet, and Samsung is among the first that fully pushed with the idea. In fact, this 7 inch, capacitive touch screen device is the first official Android tablet that will hit the store shelves (other Android tablets are also in the works from other manufacturers as well).

As stated, this tablet runs Google’s Android operating system. Loaded in the phone is version 2.2 Froyo which provides support for plenty of new features including the latest Flash player, version 10.1.

One of the biggest issues that the Galaxy Tab has had since it was announced is the projected price. According to many sources, the tablet would be costly especially on SIM free plan with estimates placing the Tab at a price range of a little under 800 GPB –even more expensive that Apple’s iPad.

But for a tablet with the Android operating system, built in cameras and a more ergonomic design, the extra cost makes sense –but still places the device well out of budget for many interested buyers. It has also been reported that on data plans, the device might become available for about 300 Pounds, but only for two year contracts with an unlimited data plan.

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