Samsung Cuts Off Symbian

One of the biggest problems that the Symbian Foundation is facing is the severe lack of public interest. Honestly, we can see why. With the strong manufacturing capabilities of Finnish phone maker Nokia and the widespread use of the Symbian in Nokia devices, it is natural that people associate the mobile platform with being old, archaic and ultimately boring.

Despite efforts to change these views –especially with the launch of the Nokia N8 which bears the Symbian^3 OS (which is a significantly different version of the OS that focuses on touch controls, social networking and media playback, like the BlackBerry OS6), it seems that phone buyers would rather go for an Android or even Bada smart phone instead.

Samsung already has a large line of Android devices, and there is no doubt that the success of the Bada operating system with the sales of the Wave handset has shown that the Korean phone maker has what it takes to make it big in the mobile phone industry. According to reports, Samsung has officially announced that they will officially stop supporting the Symbian OS.

This is more drastic than Sony Ericsson’s earlier announcement of not making new Symbian phones. Samsung intends to shut down the forums, developer support and all other resources for their Symbian devices. The phone maker has unofficially stated that they see the Symbian OS as a dead end that they cannot further invest resources on.

The question is: what happens now? Sony Ericsson is definitely pushing through with developing more Android devices to add to their XPERIA series of mobile phones as well as having confirmed that they have a WP7 device in the works.

Samsung shares a similar notion. The Wave series is continuously expanding while the Galaxy series of Android phones will be getting new phones as the months pass. They have also leaked out details on the Cetus and are officially stating that they will indeed have a dedicated lineup of Windows Phone 7 devices as well.

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