Rumours: Google’s Next Android

The next Android operating system name has already been put out in the wild: Ice Cream. Given Google’s existing naming convention for the Android operating system, it is not surprising that people already believe that version 4.0 will be named Ice Cream.

The naming officially started with version 1.5 and it was named as the Android Cupcake. This was then followed up with version 1.6 Donut. For quite some time, these two platform versions proved to the world that the Android open source operating system was a system that people can rely on and it was a great contender against the iOS.

Version 2.0 Éclair came out late last year with the launch of the Motorola DROID. The phone was exclusive to US carrier Verizon for a couple of months before the system made it to the UK under the name of Motorola Milestone.

During the second quarter of the year, Android 2.2 Froyo (which stands for frozen yogurt) finally came out, the new platform update brought lots of new features and most importantly, performance updates to the phone that made it faster and easier to use. Sadly, the shift from Éclair to Froyo has turned out to be a difficult one, with many developers and manufacturers unable to update their systems.

The next Android version, 3.0 has been announced to be the Gingerbread. This was stated by Google during the I/O conference several months back. It has also been rumored that the next version of the OS is going to be the Honeycomb and later followed by the 4.0 Ice Cream.

Technically, that makes it as the next, next, next Android OS.

Regardless of Google’s naming convention, one thing is known for certain. That the mobile platform is certain that has captured the interest of many smart phone users excited to see the latest update available.

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