Quick Bits: Bada Wave II and the Microsoft VS Motorola Case

It seems that a new fire is brewing in the mobile phone industry and surprisingly, it is a lawsuit that does not involve Apple at all! Joking aside, it appears that Microsoft has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against mobile phone manufacturer Motorola.

What is unique about this lawsuit is not how the issue is based on Motorola’s actual software or technology, but on the use of the Android operating system. Should Microsoft gain substantial progress on this lawsuit, it could very well spell a series of successful lawsuits against other phone makers that support the Android operating system.

On a side note, it is interesting how Motorola was among the companies that were announced as supporters of the upcoming Windows Phone 7 mobile platform when it was demonstrated last February and yet until now, no Motorola made WP7 device has been shown. With Motorola’s long history with Microsoft, this lawsuit could very well be the start of a major falling out between the two companies.

In other news, Samsung has just announced the Bada OS running Wave II smart phone. Now this handset is not to be mistaken for the older Wave 2 smart phone that was announced just a few weeks back.

The II and 2 are actually two separate devices. While the Wave 2 focuses more on Samsung’s vision of developing phones for all market ranges, the Wave II aims to continue the high end part of the OS –bringing to us a truly upgraded version of the original Wave.

With manufacturing for the super AMOLED touch screen becoming a less viable option, Samsung has also adopted the solution of using super LCD technology instead. According to reports, the S-LCD is still as visually impressive as super AMOLED technology.

Samsung also hinted that the new high end Bada handset will be available by this coming November.

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