Powermat to be Used in More Phones: Not Exciting

The concept of wireless charging technology is something that will certainly make a lot of people happy. After all, having access to a constant supply of energy without the limitations of being plugged into an electric wall outlet certainly makes things a whole lot more convenient.

Powermat is officially the world’s biggest producer of wireless charging accessories for portable devices. However, their work is a far cry from what people would envision when it comes to wireless charging.

First off, wireless charging is not just having no wires, but more about having freedom to move. Indeed, no wires are required to be used on the phone. Just stick the handset into the charging casing and simply lay it down on the power mat to start the charging process.

Sadly, lifting the device up would stop the charging process, making this so called wireless technology less convenient than a conventional charger. This is because users are stuck waiting for the charge period to end before they can make phone calls and other urgent tasks. You could squeeze in a fast call, but for those few minutes, you will need to be running off the battery and not the charger.

With the news that Powermat technology will be added at the manufacturing stage, many are certainly not so excited with the prospect.

In other phone news, it seems that the use of GPS technology is growing. Reports state that the number of people using GPS technology has increased by 57% since last year. This is actually a great thing for economy as areas that get little traffic are getting more people coming in –as well as main roads starting to get less congested as more users find alternative routes.

With free services from Google and Nokia, as well as attractive contracts under other commercial GPS service groups, it is not surprising that more and more people are turning to GPS technology a whole lot more.

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