OS Wars: A Situation Report

There is no doubt that a mobile platform can make or break a phone, while this is true there are also times when a platform is not considered –such as the case of the Samsung Wave which was a resounding success, not only for the phone itself but also for the Bada operating system.

Right now, the big players are still preparing for the big sales this coming holiday season. Google is still fixing up its mobile handsets by getting everyone updated to version 2.1 Éclair or 2.2 Froyo as soon as possible. But even with such diverse fragmentation, many believe that the platform would eventually surpass all other OS in terms of distributions.

Apple’s iOS has been on the quiet side of the news (though Steve Jobs has not). With no new innovations and hardly any ground breaking achievements, the Apple made OS is certainly taking it sweet time. Still, it is hard to argue that anything needs to be done about the platform right at this instant. The Apple iTunes store is still selling plenty of apps and the next iPhone 4 version seems to have fixed the antenna issue.

The big variable factor right now is Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 7 OS. From what we have seen so far, Steve Ballmer has delivered on his promise to change the way we use mobile phones. But as to whether WP7 will be the unstoppable winds of change or that one door of progress we are all loathe to cross still remains to be seen. Either way, WP7 is looking all set to change today’s mobile phone standards.

RIM’s BlackBerry OS is not to be left behind either. With the success of the OS 6 which focuses more on media, the use of the new QNX OS for the Playbook tablet seems to be opening up plenty of new possibilities for the Canadian phone maker.

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