Orange’s Dual Number and Palm’s Upcoming Tablet Device

Tablet devices are the perfect fit for the home. Be it for viewing media, playing games, browsing the internet or simply typing out an email, these devices tend to be small lightweight touch screens that allow users to hook up to a WiFi hotspot (or have a small SIM port for 3G access).

The result is the ultimate in web browsing experience (as the use of the touch screen is actually a lot more intuitive than a mouse and keyboard). This is why the iPad has been so successful and why so many people are excited over the Galaxy Tab which runs the Android OS. As for Palm’s WebOS, it seems that HP has decided to modify it for use with a tablet and that the device will be coming out next year.

2011 is still plenty of time for HP to provide this Palm branded device with all the hardware and software support that it needs.

Orange mobile UK may be focusing on the release of high end smart phones for the general public, but a recent announcement from the mobile network operator has shown that they still have plenty to offer for business customers.

According to reports, Orange has a new dual number plan for people who need to consolidate a business line and a personal line into a single device and this is the perfect solution for everyone struggling with two numbers –even on dual SIM devices. With most dual SIM phones unable to access 3G networks, Orange’s offer is a great alternative that would provide companies with better control of expenditures while still providing excellent mobility options for their employees.

These dual number plans are already available on Orange Mobile UK and come in varying monthly allowances; there is also a pay as you go option as well.

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