Nokia in Focus: Finnish Phone Maker is Shaping Up

It has been a short while since the Canadian born Stephen Elop has taken the reigns of the world largest phone maker. But he has come to take on the CEO title at a very testing time for the company. With strong competition in terms of both the hardware and software products, as well as the slowly decreasing fan base for the Nokia brand label, Elop certainly has his work cut out for him.

The most recent sales of Nokia still managed to rake in a profit, and after suffering from a serious degree of net losses last 2009, being able to stay afloat would be a very important thing. However, the overall shipping volume of Nokia’s handsets has decreased and despite profits moving up (mostly due to the costs of phones getting higher), Nokia needs to get into a strong market position in order to stay on top of the game.

According to reports, Nokia made about 469 million GBP in the previous quarter and has managed to ship out about 110 million devices. That is indeed higher than the volume last year, but certainly a lot less than they wanted –considering the fact that Nokia already predicts that the fourth quarter of the year would be bringing in even less sales.

In an effort to keep things running steady, Nokia has already adopted the Qt platform for software development. This will create a level of uniformity between the MeeGo and Symbian platforms, allowing developers to create cross compatible apps without any issues at all –this is a good sign for Symbian users as well.

Nokia’s current lineup of handsets is also looking pretty good. Despite being very delayed, the N-series N8 has been getting plenty of attention as of late as the phone’s 12 MP snapper and HD features are certainly worth trying out.

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