News Updates: White iPhone Delayed and Nexus 2 Rumors

It seemed not too long ago that Google officially announced that they would not be making another handset in the Nexus One series. In fact, it can easily be recalled that Google specifically stated that the Nexus One was only meant to bring the benchmark for Android smart phones up to certain standard and that the handset has already succeeded in what it was supposed to do –as opposed to making a profit that Google was already making in plenty of other ways.

So when we see rumors that a potential Google Nexus Two is on the horizon, we immediately react with raised eyebrows.’

But the possibility is not as completely null as one might imagine. After all, there are millions in the smart phone market and Google has no reason to refrain from going at it again –this time for actual sales profit even. Despite arguments that the developer would end up antagonizing their industry partners –that also make Android phones, the fact is that Google’s devices would simply spice things up. And unlike Samsung, HTC, LG and other developers, Google would only launch one device at a time; leaving most of the competition still in the hands of the phone makers.

So what about the rest of the rumors? According to speculations, the new Nexus phone is UK bound and that Google is looking into the possibility of a tie up with a specific retailer (named to be Carphone Warehouse in certain sources).

In other news, the White iPhone 4 seems to be really hard to produce as the elusive handset has once again been delayed for launch. The latest news regarding the device now states that the phone will not be out in store shelves until 2011 rolls in -actually far too long of a wait for a simple white version of the Apple handset.

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