New Handsets are Coming to the UK

While we all shed a quick lone tear for Samsung’s unconfirmed dual SIM QWERTY handset, the Chat 322 (the Chat is written with an “at” sign, which makes it actually spelled as “chatt”), the fact is, so many handsets are already heading for the UK that one less phone is not all that bad.

Right off the top of our list is the new BlackBerry Bold 9780. Yes, the phone is not just a rumor and despite that oddly shaped BB Style that was shown off just a day ago, this new handset sticks true to RIM’s tried and tested form factor: the portrait oriented keyboard. Since we expect to get the best typing experience from RIM’s physical keyboards, there is certainly no loss to having the 9780 over the Samsung Chat.

Moving on, Sony Ericsson is launching a new camera phone loaded with a 16 mega pixel camera. While the lenses are top notch, many point out that the lack of a decent operating system might be the biggest drawback for the handset. Had this been an Android device, then it would certainly be more exciting.

For many, the fact that the handset is announced as an exclusive for AT&T US is a major blow. Fortunately, HTC had the right mind to bring over the device as the HTC Gratia. While the name may have changed, the hardware stayed the same. Fans of the Android will enjoy version 2.2 Froyo preloaded on the handset.

For those looking for a different OS experience, the upcoming Samsung Omnia 7 offers the Windows Phone 7 mobile platform. With the handset already available on pre-orders at T-Mobile UK, it would not be surprising to see the slots slowly running out in a couple of days –so for those who want to have this device, head on over to T-Mobile and get it free on a 2 year, 35 Pounds a month contract.

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