iPhone news: Lock Bypassed, Tesco Bar Scan App Launched

So you have run out of your favorite jar of pickles, or dip, or six pack. Need to get more? The best way may no longer be to hop out and head over to the grocer, a more convenience approach would be to whip out your Apple iPhone and take a quick scan of the bar code and have the product added into your virtual shopping cart.

It may seem like a little too overdone, but actually being able to save time on commute and simply having the grocery delivered is a big convenience, and Tesco knows this. CEO Laura Wade-Gery certainly knew that she had a great service for Tesco’s supermarket products when she launched this feature.

The best part of it all is that the app is completely free to download. While users will still need to pay for all the things they order, this certainly helps keep the daily needs of any household on proper stock. The only limit here is that the items to be scanned should be carried by Tesco; because they obviously cannot sell what they do not stock.

On a more serious note, it appears that someone has been able to find a way to bypass the password screen when moving the iPhone from a screen lock to accessing the phone’s address book. While the override will not allow access to other features of the phone, this is still a major security issue that Apple needs to address as soon as possible –as of the time of writing; Apple’s iOS 4.1 is still vulnerable to this flaw.

For those wondering how the bypass works, this is done by going to the emergency call mode (just tap the button), entering three hash marks (the # sign), pressing the call button and then quickly pressing the lock screen button on top of the device. This will grant the person instant access to the contacts list, though messages, email and other functions will still be locked out.

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