Inside Nokia: N8 Launch Highlights and a Quick Goodbye to Anssi

The Nokia N8 smart phone is finally coming to the UK. Mobile network operator Vodafone has confirmed that the handset will indeed be in store shelves by October 22 –as just recently announced by Nokia and that pre-orders of the device would be available in the next few days.

Of course, as to whether people are still excited over the handset still remains to be seen.

The Nokia N8 N-series handset is basically a media phone focused on video features. It has a 12 mega pixel camera packed with Carl Zeiss lenses and Xenon flash technology –features that digital camera fans are certain to appreciate. Of course, the phone will be able to record videos in 720p HD quality. If that was not enough, the phone also features a mini HDMI output port so that you can playback videos on an HD monitor too.

The device itself runs the Symbian^3 operating system –which is the Symbian Foundations’ latest attempt at making the OS a little more up to date with today’s trends with touch based controls and capacitive touch screen technology. From the initial demonstrations of the OS, the Symbian^3 lacks anything innovative or completely new –making us hope that the final version of the platform would be a significant improvement over the one shown in the tech demo.

Speaking of the Nokia N8, Anssi Vanjoki, the man who has expressed great excitement and support for the handset has finally announced his upcoming retirement from Nokia and on October 12, he will be officially leaving the company.

With Anssi out of the picture, the future is starting to look grim for the Nokia N8 –the phone has lost its major voice and is now slowly being pushed into the looming shadow of the upcoming Nokia N9 –which uses the Nokia-Intel made MeeGo operating system.

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