HTC Brings New Devices to the Windows Phone 7 Party

Mobile phone fans have plenty to feast on today as Taiwan based phone maker HTC brings in 5 new smart phones all running Windows Phone 7. Despite the fact that HTC has been a major brand name when it comes to the Google Android mobile platform, their large lineup of WP7 devices certainly shows that their previous history with Microsoft has not been lost.

Anyway, here’s the quick rundown of the HTC WP7 devices.

The HTC HD7 is going to be the frontline handset for HTC’s WP7 phone lineup. The devices pack plenty of multimedia features and of course, it has a massive 4.3 inch WVGA touch screen display. As the name suggests, this phone has HD video playback and recording functionalities. It runs on a 1GHz CPU and packs 16GB of internal memory.

New to our list is the HTC 7 Surround handset. This new phone comes with a unique form factor: large speakers. This device is obviously the most media centric of the new handsets that HTC is launching and is even more geared towards movie and music lovers than the HD7. The screen is smaller, but in exchange, the two speakers boast of an impressive audio quality.

The HTC Mozart is not new to any listing of WP7 devices. In fact, alongside the HTC Mondrian, this handset was among the first. Judging from what HTC has shown off so far, little has changed from the leaked information about this phone and the final product. It still has a 3.7 inch WVGA LCD display and the 8 mega pixel camera.

Lastly, the HTC 7 Trophy; this device was initially leaked as the HTC Trophy that was supposed to run the older Windows Mobile 6.5 OS but has since been upgraded to the newer Windows Phone 7 version. As expected, the specs have also been boosted up to allow the device to match up to the minimum hardware requirements of Microsoft for WP7.

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