First Windows Phone 7 Sold and the Rest of Today’s Highlights

Andrew Willett, a 22 year old from Battersea is the first local owner of a Windows Phone 7 handset in the UK. With this, the first WP7 device to be locally sold is the Samsung made Omnia 7 (purchased through an Orange Mobile UK store). Officially, the first WP7 handset to ever be sold in the whole is HTC 7 Trophy which was purchased by Jourdan Templeton at Auckland, New Zealand.

And that makes it official, the Windows Phone 7 is officially out there and ready for everyone to try out. With all the new features, social networking and even multiplayer games available, one can only expect great things from Microsoft’s new system.

Speaking of WP7 devices being out, 3 UK has confirmed that the Omnia 7 is already available through them as well as the HTC Desire HD. The Android toting Desire HD and the WP7 loaded Omnia 7 are both being marketed at the same rates. Free on a 35 Pound monthly tariff and providing users with plenty of call minutes, several thousand texts, a generous bandwidth and free two months worth of free Spotify.

Now, moving on to other news; retailer Tesco is certainly placing the Galaxy Tab on a direct head to head competition with the Apple iPad. Despite being smaller, the Tab is of the same price as the iPad (despite initial reports stating that Samsung’s tablet might end up as being more expensive). The Samsung Galaxy Tab is already available through pre-orders on Tesco.

Lastly, Samsung’s Galaxy S is taking a quick step back from the earlier announced Froyo update. With possible issues to the system, it has been deemed as an important precaution to hold off the availability of the update until Samsung is certain that it will not cause any issues once installed.

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