Diamond Encrusted iPhone 4, Flash and HTC Trophy

It appears that Flash media is not as obsolete as Steve Jobs says it is. According to developers at Adobe, they have reached the 1 millionth download from Android smart phones and the number is still growing.

This shows that despite the previous comments from Steve Jobs and some Apple purists, Flash remains as one of the most used dynamic media formats on the internet. While there are also plenty of annoying Flash advertisements, the fact that there are still many people who love Flash –especially small, independent game developers shows that the format is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Of course, the upcoming Windows Phone 7 is waiting for a Flash update. Andy Lees has stated that the use of plugins is no longer applicable to the new browser being used by the WP7 mobile platform. This means that Adobe is still churning out a version of the Flash player that can be embedded in the core function.

HTC’s 7 Trophy WP7 smart phone is confirmed to be a Vodafone exclusive and as such, the device will no longer be in the Amazon UK website. Microsoft’s new mobile platform is due to be released by the 22nd of October which means that the 7 Trophy as well as the rest of the Windows Phone 7 devices.

Lastly, prepare to spend over 5 million Pounds as the world’s most expensive iPhone 4 modification shows itself. Not that people want to have 500 pieces of flawless cut diamonds that has been encrusted to the handset. While this may seem excessive, this actually turns the handset into the most expensive handset in the world.

Many are hoping that the exposed antenna portion will also be covered up by the addition of the diamonds, as all iPhone 4s are confirmed to be having the same problem. The phone was designed by resident of Liverpool.

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