Apple’s Free Engraving on New iPads, PSP Phone Rumours Continue

The PSP Phone is one elusive device –after all, Sony refuses to make comments or statement directly about the whole matter. But from what we have heard from the grapevine, there are plenty of interesting things about the new handheld gaming system –slash mobile phone.

First off, it seems that the device will certainly be packing a touch screen display in addition to the buttons and that it will also have two analog sticks –or more appropriately, nubs.

Another bit of big news is the announcement that the UMD storage option will no longer be used. Now this is not stating that the next PSP will not support physical storage media –but it does say that the older discs are no longer any good to use. Also, the device will certainly support microSD cards (since it is also going to be a smart phone).

HD video will also be a core feature on the device, though this is most likely to be playback on the HD capable touch screen display as opposed to recording capabilities since the mock ups did not seem to have a digital camera –yet.

The most likely OS to be used in the device is the Android 3.0 Gingerbread; since it is expected that Google would out that version by the time the PSP Phone comes out.

In Cupertino, the folks at Apple are already hard at work making the i-Series for Christmas worthy. One interesting new offer brings the Apple team in engraving the back side of the iPad with two lines of dedication –a particularly interesting option for those planning to give out the touch screen tablet as a gift for loved ones.

Be warned however, that due to the hardware modification process that the etching will induce, the iPad in particular will not be refundable.

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