Apple’s Anti-Sexting Patent Approved

A patent filing for a function that would monitor and censor words in text messages –sent or received has been approved for Cupertino based Apple.

The patent itself is not new; it has been filed for more than two years ago (back in 2008) as part of Apple’s plans to turn the iPhone into a completely ‘porn-free’ platform. Some would regard Apple’s actions as double standards since the crackdown on adult oriented content in applications seem to be limited only to those submitted by un-established brands.

Getting back on topic, sexting has become a serious issue for many minors and a feature such as Apple’s newly approved patent would certainly attract a lot of parents. For those not familiar with the term, sexting is when text messaging or texting is used as a channel or medium for communicating using terms that are considered sexual in a very malicious manner.

While monitoring text messaging may seem like a simple enough feature to implement, the fact is that such as function comes with plenty of ramifications. First off, text messaging is something that should be handled by the phone manufacturer –not the OS developer as the function is a core feature of a handset. In the case of Apple, this is simplified as they control both the iOS and the iPhone.

However, another more important factor to consider is the very nature of the feature –it monitors the content of the text messages being sent and received. While a simple auto-detection script may seem like a relatively harmless thing, it can be modified or altered to be used as a way to log the content text messages sent by individuals.

For now, the technology has just been approved and while Apple has yet to actually come up with a real function that makes use of the patent, there are already rumors that it may be present in the next Apple iPhone.

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