All Things Apple: Today’s Highlights

Steve Jobs has done it again; the turtleneck wearing master of presentations and chief honcho of Cupertino based Apple has gotten himself in another messy media break out with a dispute regarding “open source” with Google’s Andy Rubin. Jobs stated that the iOS is not fragmented as he so describes the Google Android and that the iPhone’s uniformity is a stark contrast to the Android’s more varied approach per owner –usually as a result of various customizable settings.

The man did point out some rather valid advantages of the iPhone over the Android (depending on the context), it does not actually declare that that iOS is an open source standard. As such, many are comparing this argument to his previous statements about the iPhone 4’s antenna problems.

Speaking of which, it seems that the newest version of the iPhone seems to have resolved the issue of the faulty antenna. Initial screenshots show that the next batch of iPhone 4 devices will not have that infamous gap in the side that caused the dropping of calls.

Right now, there is a bit of a confusion regarding the news of a second version of the iPhone 4 and what might actually be a test prototype for the iPhone 5. While many would say that it is far too early for the iPhone 5 to be so far along in production, the possibility still remains in the air.

In the meanwhile, despite all of Steve Job’s constant meddling in the media, Apple is enjoying a pretty large margin of profit. With 14.1 million units sold in just one quarter, the folks at Cupertino certainly have something to be proud about. Industry experts predict that the sales would just continue to keep growing as the holidays arrive.

Lastly, Jobs has also confirmed that Apple will not be producing a smaller 7 inch iPad.

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