All About Nokia: C5-03, N900 and More

The Nokia C5-03 sports not only an nHD touch screen display, but also the Symbian^1 OS, a 1000 mAh battery and a 5 mega pixel camera. It is the everyday man’s smart phone and with a price range of less than 200 Euro, it makes for a pretty good budget smart phone. The handset is expected to be released by the end of this year. Many expect this to be on store shelves before the start of the holidays.

In the meanwhile, the Nokia N8 is still due to be released on the 22nd of October. According to reports the device will be available on several operators. When this handset comes out, we will finally get a chance to try the new 12 mega pixel camera and the HDMI output port.

If the Symbian OS is not quite your cup of tea –Nokia has the N900. This handset first came out last year packed with the Maemo operating system. The new open source OS was set to become Nokia’s new proprietary platform. However, further development has not led to an update of the Maemo, but to a collaborative effort with Intel’s Moblin team.

The two groups combined their collective talents together in a single pool to come up with the MeeGo –a new open source platform that brings the best things found in both platforms. Anyway, it has been confirmed that the Nokia N900 will be getting an update that would make both platforms run on the same device –this feature will be controlled by the dual booting setup.

But if the pure MeeGo experience is what you are looking for, Nokia is coming out with the N-series N9 smart phone this coming holiday season. Hopefully, the constant delays of the N8 launch will not delay the release of the Nokia N900 smart phone.

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