Windows Phone 7 Launch Date Confirmed by Microsoft

It is official, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 is about to arrive and there is only a few short weeks to go before we are flooded with a wide array of new smart phones from most major phone makers.

Already confirmed in the list are Samsung, Asus, LG, Motorola, HTC and other phone makers as well. This is certainly going to be one exciting month for Microsoft and the mobile phone industry as well. According to Microsoft, the big launch event will be held on October 11 while the actual commercial launch of the system and the phones will be done on October 21 –an exact ten days after the official launch.

Are we excited? Most certainly so, after several years of trudging along with the Windows Mobile operating system, it seemed that Microsoft not going to do well in the mobile phone industry. Despite several successful WinMo devices, the fact of the matter is, the OS simply did not catch on. For the more modern smart phone user, the WinMo OS is old, archaic and far too static to be fun (or even easy) to use. For business users, the OS was decent and stable, but lacked many of the things that made the BlackBerry OS number one in that industry.

Simply put, the rehash of the Microsoft mobile platform was long overdue. This is why Steve Ballmer’s initial unveiling of the Windows Phone 7 OS during the last Mobile World Congress was so important for Microsoft’s mobile division –it showed that the Silicon Valley based company still had what it takes to take on an industry and dominate.

Of course, the WP7 is not without competition. At the moment, Google’s Android is the biggest fit for industry leader. With the iPhone 4’s poor performance, the distribution of the iOS has been easily surpassed by Google’s open source OS –giving Microsoft a tough market competitor.

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