Upcoming Phones: Motorola XT300 Slider, LG E900 and E720

It’s a great day for new phones and we have three impressive handsets right here that are waiting to be unleashed to the world. With two new Androids and a Windows Phone 7 device ready, Motorola and LG are certainly bringing in some heavy hitting handsets for their end game this 2010.

It has been previously reported that LG’s performance for the first half of the year has been pretty bad. While we all knew that they were developing Windows Phone 7 devices, it was pretty surprising to realize that the Korean phone maker has stayed on the down low for a whole six months.

Just recently however, things began to change and LG has been coming out with plenty of new handsets and announcements for upcoming phones. The Optimus Android series devices were updated and a couple of phones were added to the list and that has continued to grow with the LG E720 Optimus Chic. This sweet new mobile phone is being seen in leaked images though details are still unknown.

LG’s other phone, the LG E900 WP7 handset, is rumored to be sporting a powerful 1.3 GHz processor. So far, nothing has confirmed those rumors but with the QSD8650A hardware already confirmed to exist, it would not be surprising to see the processor on many upcoming phones.

Motorola is also bringing up an interesting surprise in the form of the XT300. Much like the BackFlip and other Motorola phones, the XT300 has an interesting form factor. While not unique, this phone looks like a square touch screen when the keyboard is not slid out (it does resemble the Flip Out in some ways.

So far, initial specs are still unknown, but images have shown the Android platform with the Motoblur user interface. The device also sports the “back track touch panel” which would be interesting to see in application.

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