The Quick View: BlackBerry Storm and HTC Mozart

It seems that BlackBerry’s latest smart phone has not been able to evade our radar for much longer. The new BlackBerry Storm 3 (or a device that is rumored to be the BlackBerry Storm 3) has been spotted in several leaked images showcasing the handset’s mostly touch screen form factor.

Of course, we expect nothing less than the BlackBerry OS 6 to be running on this new smart phone and there is actually no surprise in RIM’s move to go from conventional portrait keyboards to full touch screen displays. The phone is going to have a 3.7 inch capacitive touch screen display.

Originally, Research in Motion was a key phone manufacturer when it came to keyboards and business solutions on mobile phones. But as the smart phone industry has continued to grow, the needs and the demands of the market has changed a lot. This is what has inspired the new BlackBerry OS 6 to take on new features focusing on media playback and social networking aside from just concentrating heavily on messaging functions.

The HTC Mozart is certainly going to be coming out this coming October, but aside from an honorable mention at the HTC Event in London and a leaked video, there is really little to go on when it comes to this handset.

For the most part, it was originally believed that the Mozart would be packing a new high speed processor, though most of the more recent reports state that the phone is likely to have a 1 GHz CPU. The phone will also pack a nice 8 mega pixel camera and possibly, Xenon flash technology as well.

The leaked video showcases the new OS’ features with messaging, Exchange connectivity and of course the new integrated social networking features with the People page of the WP7 UI.

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