System Update Reports: Apple’s iOS and the Google Android

If there is one other thing that is important with smart phones aside from the hardware specifications, it is the operating system that is being used. There is no doubt that the Google made, open source Android and the famous Apple iOS are among the most often used systems in the industry –which makes any system news about these two platforms quite important.

Apple has recently announced the iOS 4.1 update and have already confirmed that the patch will be available for download this coming Wednesday, September 8. The big update from 4.0 to 4.1 will be bringing along new features and some fixes. While Apple has not gone into detail as to what minor issues will be fixed, they have confirmed that the Apple Game Center will now be available as well as better support for HD videos (such as uploading functions) and HDR photography as well.

UK based network operator O2 has confirmed a couple of major announcements –both of which concerns the Android operating system. The first is a quick announcement that the 2.2 update for the HTC Desire will not be pushing through at the moment. According to official reports, the update has already been uploaded for a while before the first reports of problems reached O2. In order to prevent further problems, the update has been put on hold until a solution is found for both the patched and those that have been affected by it.

O2’s other announcement has better news; the Dell Streak will be getting an update to version 2.1 Éclair. For those who are using the Android with a 5 inch capacitive touch screen display, the older 1.6 Donut does provide a stable user interface, though the additional features of the 2.1 update would certainly be good. At the very least, it places the Streak on the path to a better 2.2 Froyo update.

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