Symbian^3 to Make a Strong Stand this Year

There is no doubt that the general public opinion about Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia and the Symbian operating system is at an all time low. With most of the focus now on other handset manufacturers such as HTC, Motorola and BlackBerry and the OS market now dominated by the Google Android, it is easy to see why the once all-dominating Nokia is now taking a back seat to a whole new generation of industry leaders.

But that does not mean that Nokia is out for the count. On the contrary, the company now has an even bigger reason to press forward with their products and services.

In the past few months, the Nokia N8 smart phone has had a reputation of being that one device that gets announced, delayed and nobody still cares about. Now, it might as well be the N-series device that debuts the first major Symbian mobile platform: the “third”.

The Symbian^3 (which reads as the Symbian Third) is currently the latest incarnation of the mobile platform that has been the most prolific in the past few years. While the N8 is finding it hard to take the spotlight away from the MeeGo based N9, there is a couple of other devices where the ^3 is slated to shine as well: a C-series handset and the upcoming Nokia E7.

At this point, details and hardware specs about the E7 are pretty much still under wraps. Initial speculations point to a high speed CPU, a 5 mega pixel camera and a WVGA touch screen display, but those specs seems to simply copy the current trend of high end Androids.

With the Nokia World event coming up soon, it will not be long before the actual details are finally revealed and we will finally get to try out the latest Symbian OS once and for all.

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