Sony Ericsson Brings Android Éclair this September

It is always a great thing when mobile phone makers live up to their promises. More often than not, most of us in the mobile tech industry wait for long time for these to be fulfilled and seeing these confirmed is always a great thing.

Anyway, Sony Ericsson announced that the Android 2.1 update for its mobile phones will be available this month of September and that owners of the XPERIA X10, X10 Mini, X10 Mini Pro and the X8 need only wait for a few more days before the Android OS gets boosted from the original 1.6 Donut version.

For those not familiar with the Sony Ericsson devices (or have opted to wait out until Android updates are available), here is a quick rundown of all four mobile phones.

First on the list is none other than the original XPERIA X10. This is a high end Android smart phone and is basically the device that has set the tone for most of the high end devices we see today. Announced late last year, the X10 was confirmed to be the first Android smart phone to use a 1GHz Snapdragon core processor. It was also one of the first to sport a massive 4 inch TFT touch screen display as well.

Anyone looking for a more budget friendly alternative, the X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro devices are always recommended. As one would guess from the name, these two devices are much smaller than the original X10. Both also have watered down specs while the Mini Pro has the slight advantage of having a slide out QWERTY keyboard for those who love to type.

Lastly, the XPERIA X8 (also named as the X8 Shakira), is basically the handset that is between the X10 and the X10 Mini in terms of overall specs. While being more of a mid range device than a high end phone, the X8 still provides the user with plenty of functionality.

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